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original samples

The following are original samples that I have created and am supplying for download.

edit: sample links fixed, now hosted on Dropbox.

Sample sets include

  • samples over at least a five-octave range, usually one sample per octave.
  • two programs for the Akai MPC1000 hardware sampler, each taking up only 10kB of memory:
    • CRO: a program that maps MIDI notes and samples over the full 5-octave range in order from 35-98. Designed for maximum range, use this PGM with an external keyboard.
    • OCT: a program that lays out the samples an octave (C-C) per page, over the four pages, giving a four-octave range. Designed to be played using the pads:
      G# A# C#
      G A B C
      C# D# F#
      C D E F

Of course, if you don’t have a MPC1000, you will need to create your own sampler layouts from the WAV samples.

K5000S samples

My Kawai K5000S synthesizer is not exactly vintage – it was made in 1996 – but it is rare and distinctive enough for me to receive requests for samples from it, so I will be adding some samples to this site from time to time. I also supplied these samples to Hollow Sun, who improved the loops and included them in the sample package they created for Zero-G, Nostalgia.

(I never actually gave permission for them to be sold commercially, but I don’t mind, since I can host them myself for anyone who wants them. If anyone from Hollow Sun reads this – where’s my copy of Nostalgia, eh?)

The K5000S is a true performance synthesizer, which makes sampling it particularly difficult. Depending on the patch, the sound can change dramatically in response to a small change in velocity, pitch, aftertouch or modulation. It would take a large number of large samples to capture all these variations. The K5000S is also famous for patches that evolve slowly over time, so finding smooth loop points is difficult; sometimes impossible, as these samples illustrate!

Samples were taken with the K5000’s internal reverb and modulation effects switched off, but keeping Overdrive and EQ where used. Most will benefit from a little chorus and reverb, as well as advanced sampler features such as velocity or loop point crossfading, at your discretion.

name WAV size ZIP size download
k5k-aquarius 7.5MB 6.4MB
k5k-crystalz 4.7MB 3.4MB
k5k-driver 2.0MB 1.9MB 3.0MB 2.7MB
k5k-k-bells 4.7MB 3.7MB
k5k-telmetal 3.9MB 3.7MB

Yamaha QY10 Samples

The QY10 was the original “pocket sequencer”, allowing the owner to create 8-part songs on a battery-powered device smaller than a video cassette. I forgot I had this thing lying around, but it’s coming in handy as a general-purpose multitimbral sound module triggered from the MPC1000. The sound quality is pure 80’s and not terribly remarkable at that, but fun to have around.

For starters, here’s the QY10 Drum Kit:.

pure tone samples

For now, here are two programs based on pure tones, great for basslines in particular:

Sounds boring? Put the low notes through the Bit Cruncher, then we’ll see. Play two or more adjacent notes for some painful aliased beat modulation…


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